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Our organization has non-profit title under code 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of USA. We serve unselfishly in rural community of the developing area to bring benefits of advanced resources for Health, Education and Charity. We serve needy people in our community regardless of their skin color, caste, sex, religion or political affiliation. We are strong believers of the M.K Gandhi’s (Father of India) philosophy. We preach and practice his principles of non-violence.

It is monumental task but your generous donation will help to achieve our goals. We are seeking more help from other people like you, who will join us to improve conditions for needy people and provide benefits of independence with advanced technology. Your generous donation to Share Your Wealth For Humanity is tax deductible within bounds of laws established by the IRS in the United States. The donors with larger funds will be recognized on plaque displayed at proper locations. Donors can donate fund or facility for memory of their love one. Please visit us on our web page to review more details of our planned and completed projects.

The president of Share Your Wealth For Humanity grew up in this locality, which lacked electricity, running water, transportation, medical facility and communication. Therefore based on his own experience, he has mobilized personal and public funds to develop this village in the fields of Education, Health and Infrastructure simultaneously. This will be three directional approaches, which will allow us to complete our mission in timely manner and provide maximum benefit to many individuals in under developed and rural area. Local residents and business people are providing donations to the local charity. Share Your Wealth For Humanity in the United States and the local non-profit organization (Jayprakash Narayan Memorial Trust) in India, have obtained a tax exempt status from each government. This accreditation complies with the IRS regulations in USA.

This small village is located in western peninsula of Gujarat state in India. It has population of 3500 residents struggling to raise their families with limited resources. Village government is formed from elected representatives by majority party. The representatives are democratically elected by local eligible voters. The local government does not have large financial resources to tackle problems. The governmental help is not adequate to improve infrastructures and obtain maximum flavor of independence.

We intend to upgrade basic facilities to enhance its quality for delivery of education. This will include tools and resources necessary to give proper education to students, who can prepare themselves to raise their families and develop professional life. This village had primary school providing education to children up to fifth grade. Then student were forced to migrate in to larger cities for higher education. The cost of education was unbearable by poor residents. Therefore they did not send their children for college education, which prevented their growth.

The village residents have build a primary school for grades one to seven used by 300 students. They have also built a high school “Grambharti Vidyalay” for grade eight to ten used by 250 students. This high school is managed by non-profit organization “The Jayprakash Narayan Memorial Trust”. Many students come from surrounding community who travel by bus to get education in this high school. This school has obtained many awards for its excellence in education and management but it need additional resources to improve quality of the education.

This village lacks basic medical facility for local residents. Many women have died during delivery of babies at home due to lack of proper maternity care. Each family created a temporary delivery room in their own residence. This delivery room (make shift) had no illumination and normally filled with flies. The delivery room lacked clean clothes, hot water or any medicine to prevent infections.

Women, under intense pain of labor sat on a two foot square stool, which is six inches high from the ground without any back support. The umbilical cord of baby was cut with a rusted sickle. The Midwife had no maternity training to deliver babies.

The village lacked an ambulance to take pregnant women to hospital during complication. Therefore pregnant women pray lord for staying away from complication during pregnancy.

This village has water wells, which are 100 feet deep for agricultural purposes. The water runs dry in February of each year. During water shortages, the women walked miles to get water from wells on farms. They've got more than forty pounds of weight on their head. Frequently they got robbed and harassed on the way to collect water from distant farms. This village has built central water distribution system but this public well is not deep enough to provide continuous supply to residents during entire year.

The village lacks a sewer system to dispose of water waste, which will prevent measles and flies. The lack of a sewer system creates a health hazard for the local residents and prevents the necessary cleanliness required to prevent disease throughout the population.

I want to take this opportunity and assure you that you will feel greatest self-satisfaction in your heart by providing generous donation for worthy cause. One hundred percent (100%) of your donation goes to charity work. May lord bless you and your wisdom for your generosity towards needy in this world. Time is running out to utilize this opportunity during your life for donation to full fill your dreams. Look at this way that if we do not help these people, then who will be helping them?

You can send us your tax deductible check payable to:
Share Your Wealth For Humanity Ltd.
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Yours truly,

Vallabh Vaghani
Share Your Wealth For Humanity Ltd.
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