Education -
Completed Projects in the field of Education
  • A Computer Laboratory was added in January 2007. It has seventeen computers, which are used by 250 students for educational needs. This has provided anxious students a valuable tool in which to learn the latest advancements in computer technology.
  • Photographic and Vide equipment were added in 2008 for students to develop skills for taking photographs and movies.

Education - Completed Projects in the field of Education

  • A Library was added in the high school, in December 2009. It has the  latest books on educational references in the fields of Language, Science, Mathematic and General education to help students to develop skills and perform research work.
  • Musical Equipment were also added in the high school, in December 2009. The equipment for Music class and Band will be used by students for developing musical skill.
  • Sporting Equipment were added in the high school in December 2009 for class of physical activity, which will be used by students to build physical strength for improving health.

Health - Progress of the Projects in the field of Health

  • A Medical camp is arranged in this village frequently to treat local residents. Volunteer physicians from many specialties are invited to examine local residents to screen them for further treatment in cities. Entire village is cleaned to eliminate collection of debris and garbage from streets to prevent spread of disease.
  • A Medicine Bank has been established to provide medicines to needy patients. Several patients are helped to provide necessary operations in hospitals located in large cities.

Charity/Infrastructure - Progress of the Project in the field of Infrastructure

  • A playground was built in December 2009, which is beneficial to children during their growing years. The president and vice president of this organization traveled to India and personally work on this project for the children. The new playground has a variety of equipment for children of different age groups for recreation. Parents can now accompany children to provide social bonding and meet with other parents during play time.

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